Friday, August 5, 2011

Worst Blogger EVER!!!!

I might officially be the worst blogger in the universe!While I have all these great ideas of things to blog about, I never seem to actually sit down and do them! We have been a very busy household with the VERY active toddler who rules the roost. She never stops for a second and will climb onto/into ANYTHING. Her latest venture has been climbing into drawers (after she takes everything out of them).

It has been hotter then blazes here and we haven't gotten out quite like we like to do, but we did make a trip to the splash pad with "Aunt" Stacie and Connor last weekend. Lena is definately her momma's baby and HATES water in her face. She moved quickly throughout the park and was not afraid of all the other people. We followed with a quick lunch with Daddy and then we all went to Safari Kids playground. There were these GIANT mechanical animals to ride..she LOVED the Elephant ride. She played in the ball pit until I smelled stale POOP and quickly removed her. The germaphob in me quickly took over and she hated me for a split second. She will thank me for that later in life!

We have another busy weekend of baby chasing on tap...Kyle is off work so we I will enjoy have someone else to chase the stinker.

In the mean time...I am going to build build build my Mary Kay business so I can stay home with her more! I CAN DO IT!!!!!!!!