Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Quick Update

It's clearly been a while since I have last blogged! My evenings are spent loving on my sweet baby and not in front of the computer.
I have been trying to train for a race in October, with the horrible heat it has proved difficult! Lena LOVES going out for a run in the mornings. She especially loves getting to see all the puppies (her favorite word to say).

She is quite the little mover now and is constantly running all over the house. She runs to greet Kyle and I when we get home from work..shouting "HI. HI. HI!!" the whole time. Her vocabulary is expanding as well, she now says Mommy, Daddy, Puppy, Hot, Shoe, Hi, whosat? and lots and lots of other babbles! She loves to cover us in kisses, which is just the sweetest thing in the world.
She FINALLY hit 20 lbs and we were able to put her "big kid" car seat in the car. She loves being able to see out the window better and I think she is less hot sitting up in this seat.
Not much else has changed, she is still happy, lovey and active as ever. She loves to get shoulder rides and eat strawberries for breakfast...YUM YUM is what she says over and over as she eats them.

Her hair is getting so long and we have been able to put it up into a little pony tail. It makes her look sooo grown up! She is not my "baby" any more!
Who knows when I will blog again...the weather is getting much nicer and I am sure we will spend alot of our free time outside!
Enjoy this beautiful weather and FOOTBALL season!!!!

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