Monday, September 30, 2013

It's been awhile...

Perhaps I suck at blogging and losing's taken me forever to do both!

I have been so busy with my groundhog day life, that blogging seems to be the first thing to slide. Let's face it, I have important things to do, like play bingo on my phone raise 2 active babies!

But, back to the matter at hand.  I started this as a way to document my weight loss, perhaps throw a little humor (I need to work on both obviously) out into the world.  I will admit, I did a cleanse and lost a bunch right away, however I seemed to slide back into my icky habits of the yummy food cravings and gained all but 3 of it back.  So, in August I knew I had to get busy. I made sure to workout more and be a little more active and I have been tracking calories like a hawk!  The calorie counting is really helping and I am down a total of 13 lbs. now!!!!!!  I know, 13 is still a looooong way away from my 50 lb. goal, but is a start.  I am FINALLY able to wear pairs of pants that haven't fit me since before Karson was cookin'! Nothing makes me happier than putting on a pair of pants and not having a camel toe! TMI?!?! Ladies, you know what I mean, admit it!
  I have a tiny confession, working out still seems to be a struggle. With that being said, if I actually stick with a workout longer than a week or two, I will start seeing more results (at least I better...I am not one to work out just because...I want some results, dang it!).  Anywho...blogging about my boring weight loss is, well, BORING!  No one REALLY cares if I lose weight.  Ok, maybe my husband does...not because he is a giant a-hole or anything, but because he is tired of listening to be whine about being bigger than I want to be and because he KNOWS that I have taken over half of the closet up with clothes that don't fit.  What's that Kyle, you didn't know most of those clothes do not fit me? OOPS...ya do now! I PROMISE as soon as I lose some more weight to go through my half 3/4 of the closet and get rid of some of that crap (or hide it in boxes in the garage).

Something that has helped tremendously is our NO Spend September.  We made the month of No spend a success by meal planning weekly and making fresh, from scratch foods. We were not tempted to eat out and therefore there was less of a chance of me binge eating crap. You can't eat what you do not have in the house!  Is it really that difficult to plan a weekly menu and shop accordingly, NO! Does the cleaning up after cooking every night suck? YES! 

On another note...for the 2 of you who read my blog, remember that day I needed a TIME OUT? Pretty sure I still need one! I kid, I kid.  I still have good days and bad days of being a WAHM. Karson is now super mobile (like could be walking at any time mobile) and Lena has the attitude of a 14 year old girl. I swear...why do 3 year old have so much attitude????  But, I have enrolled Lena in Dance and a weekly "Lunch Bunch" Tumble class. I am PRAYING it helps her get some energy out and make her start following directions. 

Welp, blogging time is over. Karson is awake and I can't complete a decent thought with him crawling up my legs under the table. I promise to come back more frequently and with more stimulating content! Maybe I will even throw some photos in the mix...

Off to track some calories, because let's face it, it's snack time in this house!

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